Medic Hair-Your Trusted Hair Grower Solution

Medic Hair - A Hair Grower in the Philippines that Works

You can lose as many as 100 hair strands from your scalp daily and that’s normal. In most people, hair normally grows back. However, many men and some women lose hair as they become older but don’t get them to grow back like before. This results in being left with short and thin hair like the hair on your arms.

As this is a common issue, we've produced a hair grower in the Philippines that will give you thicker, fuller hair.


The Causes of Hair Loss

Primarily, men in their advanced years start to go into a natural phase in their lives when their hair loses its ability to be thick and abundant. This is because of the conversion of their testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT is the main cause of balding.

Other causes of hair loss are certain diseases like:

  • thyroid problems
  • diabetes
  • lupus

Some medicines or chemotherapy can also weaken hair follicles which results in hair fall. There's also stress, a low protein diet, and family genes damaging your hair. Treatment depends on what’s causing the receding hairline. You can prevent excessive hair fall by treating underlying health causes, taking medicine, or using restoration products like a hair grower shampoo in PH.

We have to admit that falling hair and bald spots on one’s crowning glory stab the male ego with concern, even fear.  Men from the United States and Europe fly to Turkey, just to get hair restoration surgery nowadays.

Medic Hair as An Effective Solution

This is where Medic Hair comes in. The obvious step is to stop the tendency of a man’s body from creating testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by using tried-and-tested natural hair care agents. By combining Saw Palmetto with Ginseng extract, a topical hair and scalp solution an efficient DHT Blocker was developed. The sooner you apply this to your hair, the quicker you’ll solve the problem. 

If not taken as soon as possible, the longer you’ll have to wait to control the effect of DHT on your hair. This will give you a bigger chance of going permanently bald soon.



How to Use and For How Long

Here's how you can start using your Medic Hair Solution.

  1. Get yourself a 90-ml pump spray of Medic Hair for Men.
  2. After bathing in the morning and drying off, apply it directly to your hair and massage the solution all over your scalp. You won’t even have to use a thickening shampoo when you take a bath as Medic Hair has cleansing properties.
  3. Use the solution to your hair and scalp again in the afternoon.

Regular use will surely produce visible results and boost hair growth in two to four months.

Medic Hair is a top-of-the-line product due to its formulation as a DHT Blocker. It’s FDA-approved, herbal-based, and proven effective in promoting hair growth making your hair thicker and healthier.

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Why Bother Saving it?

Balding is not an irreversible process if you deal with it in the early stages. Unless you want to pull off a look like Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, or Derek Ramsay, you should do something to bring back your healthy hair.

Another reason essential oils for hair growth like Medic Hair exist is that you can bring back your confidence with a full head of hair. Medic Hair is a hair grower in PH that you can easily order from Shopee or Lazada. Go check out our products!