Nutriplus Laboratories Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Company that spearheads manufacturing and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical and veterinary products.

Animal Health Division

Incorporated in the year 2001, Nutriplus has expanded its business operations in the whole Philippines, providing high-quality and cost-effective products to all its customers.

Hundreds of swine and poultry farms continue to benefit from high quality products rendering the desired results expected by farm owner clients.

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“Profit with Integrity”

The company believes in honest dealing with its clientele and partners in the veterinary industry.

All products are manufactured in exact formulations as stated on the labels.

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Human Health Division

Venturing into the pharmaceutical industry, Nutriplus has partnered with B. Braun in the year 2010. It has become an industrial partner and official distributor of B. Braun’s hospital supplies and other healthcare products in major regions of the Philippines.

It also continues to innovate and formulate new Nutriplus products as it has always been its passion to provide products that will maximize the potential of every man and woman through proper health and nutrition.

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Anti-Hangover and Liver Protection Capsules

Combining the latest scientific insights and our years of experience in manufacturing and distributing, we have developed Wrecover with our team of pharmacists and chemists.

Through Wrecover®, Nutriplus aims to make Filipinos more healthy, even if they have a very busy social life.