These Are The BEST Immune-Boosting Nutrients

These Are The BEST Immune-Boosting Nutrients


For two years of being stuck at home, doing Tik Tok trends or enjoying your Dalgona coffee with ube pandesal, we know the excitement for your next adventure is off the charts! Going outdoors, however, may expose you to harmful bacterias and viruses. These looming invaders can definitely wreck your joyride, especially without the right—and enough–nourishment for your immunity.

Just like your handy disinfectant, a complete and daily source of multivitamins and minerals is a must-have these days. Check out these unique immune-boosting nutrients that may help strengthen your immunity, and provide unbeatable, potent protection! 



Being unprotected and vulnerable is the worst feeling ever. Sometimes, a face mask is not enough to appease your worried mind. One to look for on your daily supplement is what experts call “King Of Carotenoids.” Also known for its skin and eye health benefits, Astaxanthin is currently gaining popularity among medical doctors, and health-conscious shoppers.

Why? Astaxanthin has the highest antioxidant activity in boosting your immune system response and recovery 6,000 times stronger than of Vitamin C and 100 times more than of Vitamin E! Daily immunity booster like Asta Plus capsules provide premium quality Astaxanthin for your overall immunity benefit. The next time you step outside, don’t forget to pop in Astaxanthin capsules.



Just like Astaxanthin, Lycopene is an antioxidant known for its cancer-preventing benefits. It is usually found in tomatoes (from your salad or tomato sauces!), in fruits like watermelons or papayas, and in supplements.

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For people who lead a viceful life, free radicals run rampant in their bodies, commonly created through smoking, excessive drinking and unhealthy diet. With regular Lycopene intake, cells are protected from oxidative damage caused by these free radicals. Risks of having chronic diseases such as cancer, asthma and cardiovascular disorders are reduced.



During the height of the pandemic, there has been an influx of demand for Zinc supplements. However, your body may not be able to fully process this particular mineral for several factors, such as gut condition, and alcohol frequency. Because of its composition, nourishment from Zinc supplements in the market today are simply urinated out of your system. Seldom do you get its full benefits.

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To make this mineral more absorbable by the body, it must undergo chelation, a process in which Zinc is transformed stable and water-soluble. With quicker and better absorption, Chelated Zinc helps immune cell function in fighting off invaders in the body. Maximize Zinc’s full benefits and start looking for Chelated Zinc on your daily multivitamins supplement!



During the hard lockdown, have you ever stayed too long in the house and felt less energized? Without going outdoors, you may be more prone to sickness. This might have been caused by the lack of sun exposure! Commonly produced by the skin when exposed to sunlight, Vitamin D3 has been proven to reduce the likelihood of severe illnesses, two of which are flu and COVID-19 infections.

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Individuals who lack outdoor exposure and have low Vitamin D3 have increased risk of infection and autoimmune disorders like Type 1 Diabetes and Inflammatory Bowel disease. Mask up and have an extra–and essential protection–by taking supplements enriched with this particular vitamin.



Hurdles at work and personal life may drain your energy. For you to remain sharp and alert during an eight-to-five shift, you need nutrients to replenish and sustain the body! B Vitamins are a group of nutrients, each with unique roles in keeping your body up and going. These vitamins support healthy metabolism and proper absorption of other nutrients.

They offer that and more: boosting your energy, improving metabolism and strengthening the immune system for faster relief and recovery. When days go hard, supplements powered by Vitamin B-Complex should be your go-to partner.


Get These Immune-Boosting Nutrients + More!

As the world reopens again, take the proactive choice and switch to Asta Plus capsules! It works as an immunity booster with complete daily multivitamins and minerals—strengthened not only by Astaxanthin, but also Chelated Zinc for easier absorption, and Vitamin D3 for optimum immune system function. It also has other essential ingredients and all the nourishment needed by the body so you stay protected from viruses and bacteria.

The best feeling ever? You feel safe with Asta Plus capsules! Available at Shopee Mall, LazMall and their website, for P520, good for 30 days of daily use.