Still Sexy At 60, Albert Martinez Shares His Self-Care Secrets

Still Sexy At 60, Albert Martinez Shares His Self-Care Secrets


Sixty years old has never looked this sexier (and fearless!) with acclaimed film and television actor, Albert Martinez. In his latest pictorial with the premium hair grower Medic Hair For Men, Albert proves why he’s their first-ever brand ambassador.

Aging better than fine wine, Martinez maintained his youth by taking care of himself. One of his must-do rituals prior bedtime, is applying his night cream to keep his face soft and minimize unwanted wrinkles. Like other men of his age, Martinez shares the same anxiety and stress over balding.

“Hair loss is the greatest fear of all men,” Martinez said. “Me personally, that is also my fear.”

Then comes his favorite hair growth serum for twice a day use. As Martinez treasures prevention over cure in his lifestyle, he sustains regrowth and avoids the occurrence of hair loss by using Medic Hair For Men. Straightforward and natural in its approach on thinning hair and balding, Medic Hair utilizes ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Ginseng extract to target the primary cause of hair loss, DHT or Dihydrotestosterone in males. Thus, Martinez never worries about his hairline receding in the future.

“You really have to consider helping your hair,” Martinez said. “You need a serum to keep your hair healthy and thick.”

Other practices Albert integrates to his self-care regimen include eating properly, staying away from junk foods, sleeping well and avoiding alcoholic drinks.

“Taking care of oneself is very important,” Martinez said. “It defines your personality, your character. You wanna live long and enjoy life longer.”

Currently into off-road expeditions, Martinez won’t let anything stop him, not even hair loss or aging. When asked what his best tip for “extra pogi points” to women, he had this to say: “If you can keep your hair in your head, that’s the best!”

May pag-asa pa ‘yan, pre! Be fearless against hair loss today with Medic Hair For Men, available at Shopee, and Lazada for P1,790 per bottle, good for one to two months of regular use! For more updates, follow Medic Hair’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Medic Hair is also available on Amazon for international shoppers.