Orthopower: A Calcium Food Supplement

Orthopower: A Food Supplement Where You Can Get Calcium

Most of the time, you no longer have to introduce calcium to people, especially kids because it’s often explained in TV commercials and food packaging about how it’s good for the teeth and bones. We can also find this essential mineral in many foods such as dairy foods and beverages, green leafy vegetables, tofu, and more. However, most adults don’t get enough calcium in their bodies because of their hectic lifestyles. Fortunately, Nutriplus made a solution for this problem and created Orthopower, a new food supplement with calcium and more.

Calcium supplements hardly have side effects. So, is it safe to take them daily? The easy response to that would be yes. As long as one stays within the acceptable dosage ranges of 1,000 mg for those who are 19 to 50 years old and 1,200 mg for those who are older, whoever takes it will be fine and, actually, better off.

Do You Need Calcium Supplements?
As one gets older, the need for taking vitamins becomes more essential if we are to remain in the same tiptop shape we were once in during our prime. Enter, calcium supplements. Calcium keeps our bones and teeth strong. It’s also important for preventing blood clots, maintaining the normal rhythm of the heart, and sending nerve signals.

A long-term deficiency of this mineral can lead to one’s bones becoming brittle. Osteoporosis may set in and your bones are likely to break in a fall.  The teeth aren’t going to be as resistant to decay either. Aside from iron being at the top of the list, calcium ranks second among the most important minerals the body needs.

Sadly, people don’t get enough calcium in their diets unless they’re meticulous about it. Vitamin D is also something many people seem to be in short supply when you talk of places that don’t get a lot of sun for half a year. This only happens when we don’t plan our diet and activities to ensure we get adequate amounts of it in our system.

Other Benefits of Calcium Supplements
1. It prevents bone loss among post-menopausal women.
2. It helps build and maintain bone health.
3. It modulates muscle contractions.
4. It strengthens and maintains healthy jawbones and teeth.

This addition to the diet to enhance health that we, young and old alike, must have becomes greater as we grow older. They’re supplements and are available in many forms: pills, tablets, chewable, syrup, or powder. A calcium food supplement is now available in the Philippines.

The New Orthopower

Nutriplus is known for its hair-growing supplements, but they also offer various kinds of supplements such as Orthopower. These capsules are the newest food supplement that helps increase our teeth and bone strength. As we grow older, our bones become weak and brittle, making calcium a necessary vitamin in our daily diet. 

This supplement used advanced science to ensure the calcium was absorbed directly into the teeth and bones, making it more beneficial for our health needs. Here are the ingredients and benefits:

    • Vitamin K2 helps direct calcium into teeth and bones to weaken and prevent the process of calcification.
    • Phosphorus helps with the formation of our bones and strengthens them to prevent our bones from getting brittle.
    • Vitamin D3 assists your body in absorbing calcium, ensuring that you’re getting the needed nutrients.

Making the Right Choice
What’s important at any point in your life is to find a food supplement that’s rich in calcium for the strengthening of your bones and teeth, plus all the other benefits already mentioned. They are all part of the support formula the body needs to get the calcium you need.

When it comes to the pharmaceutical world related to calcium, and the different vitamins and minerals that it interacts with to give you far-reaching gains, the right choice is Orthopower Food Supplement. Order now here on our website. Check our FAQ page if you have any questions, or you can also send us an email at info@nutriplus.com.ph.