It’s Here: Immunity-Booster For The Go-Getters!

It’s Here: Immunity-Booster For The Go-Getters!

Admit it or not, the pandemic has caused almost everybody to become health conscious. Constant disinfection, and proper use of face masks—perhaps, these habits are here to stay. Being unprotected is the worst feeling (we feel you!), especially if you do not get the right—and enough—nourishment for your immunity.

Fact: Going outdoors may expose you to harmful bacterias and viruses. These looming invaders may ruin your health without proper protection. Gone are the days when the world was in a standstill. As the world re-opens again, a must-have for the go-getters? Asta Plus capsules

From the same innovators behind WrecOver—the Philippines’ first FDA-approved anti-hangover capsules—Asta Plus works as an immunity booster with complete daily multivitamins and minerals. Feel safe and have an assurance of protection by taking Asta Plus. Learn what makes it the strongest, most essential protection against viruses and bacteria!

Powered By Astaxanthin

Rising in popularity among medical experts, lifestyle influencers and health buffs, Astaxanthin is dubbed as the “King Of Carotenoids,” for being the strongest antioxidant derived naturally! In fact, Astaxanthin can rival against your average Vitamin C supplement. It boosts immune system response and recovery 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C and 100 times that of Vitamin E. Thus, Asta Plus capsules are next level protection for the body. 


Enriched With Chelated Zinc

Transformed into a stable and water-soluble mineral, Chelated Zinc helps immune cells function in fighting off invaders in the body. Unlike Zinc supplements in the market today, Asta Plus’s Chelated Zinc has a better absorption rate so your body can maximize its benefits and reduce infection among adults.

Packed With Multivitamins and Minerals

Each capsule of Asta Plus contains complete multivitamins and minerals needed for holistic body function. Lycopene, Lutein, Vitamin A, Vitamin-B Complex, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, and Manganese among others are in premium quality so you stay healthy, worry-free from getting sick!


Integrate Asta Plus to your wellness routine by taking 1 capsule daily,  available for grabs at Shopee Mall, LazMall and their website,, for P520, good for 30 days of daily use!