Is Male Pattern Baldness Preventable?

Hair Loss- Is It Preventable?

Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is a condition that affects half of the male population all over. It’s common to know someone affected by this, from among your friends to celebrities to cartoon characters. In the Philippines and the whole world, an effective hair grower is a holy grail for man’s ego. Either that or you can go the way of Patrick Stewart, Stanley Tucci, or Homer Simpson.

Who’s At Risk?

The risk of balding increases with age. Some even start losing hair as early as their teen years. It’s a genetic disorder that results in the conversion of the regular long thick hair to the fine texture that covers most parts of the body. The loss of hair starts at both temples, progresses to the top of the head, and will eventually lead to partial or complete baldness.


Genetics is strongly linked to male pattern baldness. There’s an increased chance of this condition in a family that has a history of balding. This can be inherited directly from your dad. They say the risk is even more when you have balding kins on your mom’s side. The latter is debatable though.

Dealing With Hair Loss Effectively


According to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, there are successful treatments for some types of hair loss. It can either reverse the condition or slow it down. Chief among them is the over-the-counter medication called Minoxidil that’s applied to the scalp twice a day.  A hair grower solution in the Philippines is a good example. It limits the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which shrinks hair follicles. 

There’s also a prescription drug for men called Finasteride. Taken daily, it slows down hair loss and may even result in hair growth. It may take time for this to show the desired effect but, unfortunately, it’s not as helpful to men over 60. There is, however, the possibility of a weakened sex drive and sexual function. One will now have to choose which masculine image he wants to maintain.

Other Ways To Address The Problem


There are more non-invasive ways to solve your problem with balding:

  • Hairstyle – Men can still hide their condition if they get the right haircut or sport the proper do.
    Toupee – A wig for men can do the trick of covering thinning spots or complete baldness.
    Weaves – As long as there’s enough hair for a wig or toupee to get woven into, that will do the trick.


There’s also the invasive solution for the condition. By this, we mean surgical procedures. If reading it makes you think pain is involved in the process, it is. Local anesthesia is needed.


  • Hair Grafting – A portion of the scalp with hair, usually taken from the back of the head and can easily be covered, is transplanted to the balding area
    Scalp Reduction – The bald spot is removed and the scalp with hair surrounding the area is stretched and stitched together.


A Hair Grower in the Philippines


Going back to the safest and most effective way to end your hair loss problem, the solution you’re looking for is Medic Hair. It’s an FDA-approved topical scalp formula using ingredients that promote hair growth. A non-prescription ointment, Medic Hair prevents the shrinking of hair follicles and encourages your hair to grow back thicker and healthier.