The Advantages of Ginseng and Its Hair Growth Potential

Ginseng and Its Hair Growth Potential

Ginseng is an ancient herbal cure for many conditions, including hair loss. Recent studies have reinforced that it does promote hair growth. They reveal that the root has a variety of bioactive compounds that bring back life to hair follicles that have seen better days. A hair grower in the Philippines based on modern science has been developed to the satisfaction of those who need the solution they seek for a thinning crown, or worse, one that’s vanishing.

Recent research carried out in 2012 shows that shampoos and conditioners with ginseng are able to revive the scalp’s ability to restore the fullness of one’s hair. The study of using ginseng to treat patients afflicted with alopecia, the same condition that Jada Pinkett-Smith has, produced encouraging results. The findings were published in a paper called “Efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng in the Treatment of Alopecia Areata.”


The Advantages of Ginseng

  • Cost – The cost of ginseng tablets or thickening shampoos infused with ginseng is relatively inexpensive and available in drug stores or health shops. Natural ginseng is a little more expensive but its benefits outweigh the price tag.
  • Natural ingredient – Ginseng is a plant containing no harmful toxins that will enter the body. Therefore, plant-based shampoos are good for damaged hair and prevent hair fall.
  • Proven for hair growth – The properties of ginseng are known to improve the hair’s regeneration by increasing the blood flow to the scalp and its dermal cells. It combats the shrinking of stem cells in hair follicles and is available in a hair grower shampoo in PH. Ginseng also prevents dandruff and the greying of hair.
  • Other health benefits – Ginseng is known to have anti-cancer properties, reduces blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels, and is an anti-inflammatory.
  • Availability – Although ginseng is grown only in some Asian countries, its reputation as an effective remedy for hair loss and many illnesses has made it a must to have stock in pharmacies and grocery stores all over the world.

Take Action Now

As with the treatment of any medical condition, the earlier you deal with it the better. Our hair is no different. Once you begin to notice that you’re seeing through your hair and are catching the glistening reflection of light on your scalp, it’s best to do something about it right away.

Once you’ve taken the steps toward dealing with your scalp and hair problem, follow through to the very end. Remember, it takes time to bring back your once strong hair and healthy scalp. Don’t cry because the first few treatments that prevent hair loss don’t seem to be working. The key to all of this is patience and consistency.

Guaranteed Hair Growth

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