Best Home Self-Care Regimen For Athletes

Best Home Self-Care Regimen For Athletes

Being an athlete goes beyond the parameters of the court, or beyond the excitement of the game. To win, it takes sweat, blood and tears--this is what makes an athlete fearless. Plus, the intense passion from the heart! But during this challenging time, when the games are temporarily halted, self-care comes into clarity.

To sustain a clear mental soundness during a championship, a holistically structured self-care regimen can be a gamechanger! Follow these tips and find out what it takes become a fearless athlete:


1. Turn to healthier choices

As they say, “You are what you eat!” Well-balanced meals can provide essential nutrients your body requires. A plateful of natural vegetables, fruits, lean meat and eggs can be a powerup, providing the much needed energy!

Craving for chips or hotdogs? Avoid junk foods! Aside from being nutrient-deficient, excessive consumption of such may lead to major health issues. As athletes, our body needs to operate effectively and do physically strenuous activities.


2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Sweat it out! Training, in-game playoffs, or even as simple as your daily exercise may bring about excessive sweating. Research suggests that physical performance weakens when dehydrated. At most, the performance capacity of the athlete drops by about 30%.

So better keep those hydro flasks close to drink and hydrate!


3. Resting for the champs!

According to research, extended sleeping time can be linked to the vast improvement of athletic performance. This gives the body an ample amount of time to rest and recover. As athletes are constantly pushed to their limits--physically, mentally, and emotionally--their bodies require extra hours of sleep to process and rest, preventing burnout. 


4. Missed a training? Don’t be upset!

Your passion can take you to places! But if not monitored, too much passion can also be damaging! Overtraining, like any excessive activity, increases your risk to chronic stress. Thus, you become more prone to health issues. Do exercises in limited, but regular time throughout the week.

As told before, the body requires time to regain lost nutrients and energy post-workout. So drop those dumbbells and maintain a schedule!


5. Never SKIP the shower!

To be in shape means to sweat! After you accomplish your workout, make sure to shower and cleanse. As soon as you do so, you avoid the unwanted buildup of sweat and bacteria, especially on your scalp. Bathing with cold water helps open up the scalp’s pores, and improves its blood circulation.

For instance, sweat can actually plug up the hair follicles, inciting an inflammatory response that may lead to the dreadful hair loss.

To elevate your self-care regimen at home, use a natural scalp solution like Medic Hair to prevent hair loss! Specifically formulated for men, Medic Hair utilizes the powerful combination of Saw Palmetto Extract and Ginseng Extract, giving nourishment for hair regrowth.


In every game, free yourself from worries! With Medic Hair, be fearless against hair loss! Medic Hair is available at Shopee and Lazada.