Astaxanthin - The Secret to Greater Immunity

Astaxanthin - The Secret to Greater Immunity

The pandemic has caused an economic downturn and a disruption in healthcare facilities. Health has become everyone's responsibility. And while COVID-19 is slowly crumbling, health consciousness is here to stay. And what better way to combat bacteria and viruses than to boost your immune system?

You cannot stop diseases from attacking you, but you can strengthen your immune system, your natural line of defense, to fight against illnesses. Asta Plus, the first immunity booster in the Philippines powered by astaxanthin, is here to partner on your road to robust immunity.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that gives krill, salmon, and other marine microorganisms their pink and red hues. It belongs to the family of carotenoids and is a more stable and powerful cousin of beta-carotene.

Antioxidants are known to neutralize free radicals, protecting healthy cells and tissues from damage. The body cannot produce antioxidants independently, so we rely solely on diet and supplements. However, some antioxidants become pro-oxidants at higher concentrations, triggering unwanted outcomes they are supposed to block. Astaxanthin never does that!

How Does Astaxanthin Impact Your Immune System

Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant, inhibits oxidation in the body caused by free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). As mentioned, free radicals are damaging but are part of environmental triggers and a by-product of cellular processes. But with the immune-modulating abilities of astaxanthin, further damage to your cells and tissues can be prevented. 

Here are other known health benefits of astaxanthin for your immune system.

  • Builds more white blood cells 
  • When pathogens are detected, the body produces a high output of white blood cells. The production needs substantial energy from the mitochondria, which causes the production of ROS. Without protection, this causes membrane damage, tissue destruction, and low energy production, which could hamper the production of white blood cells.

  • Increases immune cells: B-cells and T-cells 
  • Astaxanthin enhances the activity of immune cells by increasing their ability to destroy pathogens. 

  • Reduces inflammation during critical viral infections
  • The immune system can overreact during the later stages of a pathological viral infection, leading to systemic inflammation response syndrome (SIRS). SIRS can lead to organ failure in the disease state. Astaxanthin can combat local inflammation and the development of SIRS. A decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-a and IL-6 is evidence of this.

    Turbocharge Your Immune System with Asta Plus

    Keep your immune system functioning at its best with Asta Plus. Plus protection. Plus immunity. Asta Plus is the newest immunity booster in the Philippines, utilizing advanced innovation and potent ingredients. Powered by astaxanthin, Asta Plus is 6,000 times better than your regular vitamin C. 

    Asta Plus contains astaxanthin and other complementary ingredients like chelated zinc for faster absorption and vitamin D3 for overall health and well-being.

    Our immunity should be our top priority as we rise from the pandemic's economic plummet. We go through our new daily life threatened by the remnants of COVID and contagious diseases as we continually contribute to the country's fight against the ongoing recession.

    Find out more about Asta Plus on our website. Also up for grabs on Lazada and Shopee.