Protect Yourself Against Viruses & Bacteria with Asta Plus

Asta Plus: Your Strongest Defense Against Viruses & Bacteria

What needs to be done to boost immunity? This is now an all-important question you’ll have to find an answer to. It’s for your sake and that of your family. Are you taking multivitamins or some other immunity-boosting product? This seems to be the new obsession. Wellness has already become a must. In the Philippines, astaxanthin capsules are what many people have been asking about, especially adults who are worried about their health because of the pandemic.

Immune boosters work better if taken before you feel any symptoms. Doing so can heighten your defense against viruses or whatever there is that can make you sick. There are specific steps to take. Optimize your intake of Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Chelated Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B Complex. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t create them naturally, so it’s important we take them through a supplement or the right food.

You must be thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of pills to take”. The good news is that there’s already a product on the market that has all of them mixed together in a capsule for your protection, as you once again take confident steps outside the home, now that everything seems to be back to normal. Find out why this all-in-one booster is good for you by looking into each of its components that are meant to give added sustenance to your immunity.


Medical experts call it the “King of Carotenoids.” It’s 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C and a hundred times better than Vitamin E. Astaxanthin is considered the best antioxidant, and it’s good for the skin, the eyes, and overall immunity.


This is another antioxidant. It’s accepted as being good for cancer prevention. It’s usually found in tomatoes and other fruits like watermelon and papaya. If you smoke or drink excessively, you definitely need this to reduce free radicals in the body. Keep in mind that daily multivitamins and minerals in the Philippines are guaranteed with a single pill.

Chelated Zinc

Zinc is a micronutrient in your cells. It defends you against viruses and bacteria. It aids in your body’s protein production as well. Chelated zinc, on the other hand, is a supplement that has been made so that the body can easily absorb zinc.

Vitamin D3

This is for people who stay indoors a lot and don’t get much sunlight. Those with very dark skin can also suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin. To make matters worse, it’s hard to depend on regular meals for one’s Vitamin D. The great thing about vitamin D3 is it’s more effective than vitamin D2. It helps improve bone and muscle strength, boost immunity, and can even help prevent depression, heart disorders, and inflammatory diseases.

Vitamin B Complex

This is what we need to remain focused at work. It’s a group of vitamins. It keeps one relaxed yet alert. B Vitamins boost your energy, improve your metabolism, and strengthen your immune system. This is a supplement that you need to take every day if you want to be productive at work.

The Best Immunity-Boosting Multivitamin

For the complete protection you need these days, make sure you fortify your system with Asta Plus. It’s a holistic mix of minerals and multivitamins that one needs to face the world again without having to worry about getting sick. Asta Plus is beginning to be noticed by medical practitioners and wellness enthusiasts alike. Find out more about this immunity booster in the Philippines on our website. Asta Plus is also up for grabs on Lazada and Shopee.